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The Fortress is our major attraction. This is Canada's most amibitious historical reconstruction of a part of the 18th-century French fortified town of Louisbourg. In the early 1700s the French colony was home to 2100 civilians and a garrison of 700 soldiers. Louisbourg was important because of the fishery and as a hub for international trade between the France, the West Indies, Quebec, Acadia and New England. In addition to massive stone fortification walls there are over 60 reconstructed buildings interpreted by staff wearing costumes appropriate to the year 1744.

The Louisbourg lighthouse is located at the entrance of the harbour. It is perched on a volcanically formed outcrop of rock. Nearby are the ruins of the 18th-century French lighthouse and a 19th century lighthouse. From the lighthouse there are excellent vistas along the coastline, out into the Atlantic ocean and across the harbour to the Fortress.

Right in the heart of Louisbourg overlooking the Harbour . Go-Carts and Mini-Golf and the restaurant too

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Louisbourg Town
The community of Louisbourg with a population of 1265 is located on the southeast coast of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. It is easily accessible by road and air. Louisbourg's major attraction is the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site. It has a facinating history and the site of 2 of Canada's major Battles,Friendly folk and Beautiful scenery raging surf and sandy beaches also await you in Louisbourg.
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